kit maguire (bunny_messiah) wrote in wild_zero,
kit maguire

blimey!! it's a post

Not a post for months on here...nope, nothing.

thought i'd correct that.

Finally got me "dead or alive - final" so i'm happy because it looks just as insane as the other two. it also brings me a bit closer to seeing all the miike takashi movies :)

Has anyone seen visitor Q? I was thinking about ordering it. I would like to hear someone's opinion of it before I do.

Also has anyone heard about this guitar wolf tribute album??? I want !!!
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I'm not actually a member, but I saw Guitar Wolf- Wild Zero tonight, and OMFG I love that movie.
wild zero is a life changer yup yup

if you join i will smile :)
Whatever you do, do not ever watch Visitor Q. It is unwatchably God-awful. And I like Miike's films. Well, some of them. Have you seen Zebraman yet? I have heard it is Miike's best.
not seen zebraman yet but i do like his sense of humour.