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Hey everyone!

While I was in Tokyo this summer I read that Guitar Wolf was going to keep going despite the horrible loss they had suffered. They released a compilation album in July and then a single, I believe. Just Seiji and Toru on that release. The article also mentioned that they were going to try to find a new bassist.

Well, looks like they've found him. UG, the new bassist, a 19 year old from Shimane who hadn't picked up an instrument before joining apparently has the stuff to join our heroes on their rock'n roll mission!

an article on the subject here (english)

Also, you can visit their official site to see a picture of the new line up right on the splash page.

Though I'm not overly fond of the new guy's name, I'm willing to see what Guitar Wolf has in store for us. Also, I'm super excited about the prospect of a world tour! Perhaps I will be fortunate enough to be showered in Seiji's sweat once again? Who knows?
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